How I Quit Smoking

Having recently quit smoking cigarettes with a somewhat unique method and I thought that I would share it with all you guys and hopefully help someone out there who is struggling with the same problems that I was.

If you are anything like me, cigarettes are just as much of a psychological addiction as a physical one. You probably started by smoking with friends or while drinking and eventually started buying your own packs and someone down the line you have found yourself driving to the gas station before work every day and realizing that YOU are ADDICTED! You are officially among the statistics of those bound to die a long painful death from lung cancer unless you do something about it, it kind of sucks, doesn't it :(?

Well you aren't hopeless! I certainly wouldn't consider myself someone with a lot of willpower, but I did it. I'm not going to lie and say that it will be easy, but than again I DID QUIT!

My first step was a promise to myself to quit being addicted to cigarettes, simple as that! Now the second step was a bit more challenging and was how i broke my psychological addiction to smoking. The hardest part was quitting smoking "after cigarettes" you old school smokers know what i'm talking about... After meals, after work, after sex, after waking up, after a beer. Cigarettes become in your mind the perfect complement to anything and adds a sense of completion. My method involved using Snus(Swedish steamed tobacco in a pouch put under the bottom lip, healthier than dip and cigarettes and with less nicotine) whenever i craved a cigarette. After a few weeks the constant thought of smoking cigarettes during "after times" went away for the most part. Snus helped the initial temptations by a great degree and was able to get over my psychological addiction without snapping, IT WORKED! I decided it was time to ween myself off snus, at first i was very irritable, very hungry and felt flu-like symptoms but within a week i wasn't craving it anymore! It was a miracle, i am addiction free!

Let me go over my steps again

Make a promise not to be addicted and believe yourself!
Break psychological addiction by converting to snus until you feel confindent to quit that, but not so long that you get psychological addicted to snus
Ween yourself off the snus!
Enjoy your newfound freedom!

Best of luck to all of you! I have faith in you all, you can dooo et!