Get Healthy with Chromium

Chromium in our Diets

In the modern age our diets have taken a trend of favoring diets high in refined carbohydrates such as sugars and white bread which are very low in chromium and actually cause chromium to be excreted through urine, as a result our bodies are receiving less and less of the healthy chromium levels needed to maintain body functioning. This depletion of Chromium can lead to a large variety of ailments and serious issues within the human body, such as increasing risk of diabetes, inefficient use of carbohydrates and fats, and depression. These ailments are for the most part reversible and can be significantly helped by supplementation of healthy chromium picolinate, or by increasing foods that contain high amounts of healthy chromium. The typical healthy chromium intake for an adult is around 50micrograms per day, however up to 500micrograms may be taken per day without any documented negative effects and some very overwhelming positive benefits.

Ailments Caused by Chromium Deficiencies

Without healthy amounts of Chromium, our bodies are incapable of efficiently converting carbohydrates and fats into energy. In fact, around 25% of people have insulin related issues, many of these stemming from chromium deficiencies which lead to imbalanced blood sugar, the number one contributing factor in a very large variety of mental disorders such as Clinical Depression, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Dementia. These issues for the most part can be easily prevented by supplementation of Chromium either through our diet or through supplementation.

Benefits of Chromium Supplementation

Increased DHEA - DHEA is a natural and very abundant human steroid that leads to increased muscle mass and is often referred to as the "fountain of youth" as it is the most potent anti-aging hormone yet to be found in the human body.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes - Diabetes is a disorder related on the functioning of insulin response systems and blood sugar control.
Reduced Risk of Alzheimer's - The statistics show that with consistant chromium picolinate intake the risk of Alzheimer's disease is drastically reduced.
Reduced Risk of Depression - Chromium affects the mood of the patient by stabilizing blood sugar and regulating the serotonin HT2 receptors, leading to a more healthy outlook on life.
Reduced Risk of Dementia - Healthy levels of chromium have been shown to drastically increase cognitive function in individuals with dementia.
Reduced Hunger and Cravings - By controlling blood sugar, chromium exerts a potent effect on controlling blood sugar related cravings.
Important to Heart Functioning - On a study with over 650 volunteers, those who supplemented with chromium had a 35% reduction in heart attack rates.
Controls Fat and Cholesterol Levels in the Blood - Reduces the risk of heart disease and related issues.
Protects DNA, the blueprint of life - DNA has been shown to mutate less and have be less vulnerable to damage in people who have higher level of chromium in their bodies

Sources of Chromium

The Internet is a powerful resource in finding cheap chromium supplements, however if you feel that you could get healthy amounts of chromium through dietary supplementation here is a list of foods that could suit you.

Wheat Germ
Whole Grain Breads
Rye Bread