Perfume Gives Kids ADHD?

According to a study done on students in New York by Mount Sinai School of medicine, children that were exposed to cosmetics and perfume while in the womb had a 250% higher chance of developing clinically significant Attention Related Disorders. Phthalates are the group of chemicals that are under investigation for causing these issues and are commonly found in fragrances, water bottles and cosmetics such as nail polish. According to the studies done there was a direct correlation between womb phthalate exposure and behavior disorders.

That's scary, if any of you are pregnant I would avoid overdoing your makeup and reducing your intake of phthalates. To find info on these substances and what to avoid check
Wikipedia Phthalate Information

Boosting Your Memory Power with Ginkgo and Piracetam

How I SuperHumanized My Memory With Ginko and Piracetam!

My Story:

One of my favorite writers of all time, Aldous Huxley once wrote that "Every man's memory is his private literature." I have found that as we get older, ability to store memory get flushed down the toilet little by little. Up until recently, I had been looking all around the internet and around stores, even on my ipod looking for little games, applications and tricks to improve my memory, some worked, some not, but the improvement wasn't what I wanted! I was frustrated for a long time, hoping that some day I would eventually be able to improve my memory and cognitive function. One day as I was browsing, I found a link to the benefits of using Ginkgo Biloba. After doing some research on Ginkgo I went to my local health store and picked up a bottle, I was eating them like candy. I noticed they had a bit of a stimulant effect which was helping me concentrate but the memory effects didn't come instantly, after a week I started noticing small improvements. People were asking me questions and I was answering them off the top of my head with no, "let me thinks" or "hold on" spiels. It was great! After a while I wanted more, I did more research on erowid and found another very powerful nootropic drug, Piracetam, a supplement that increases activity between both brain hemispheres, improves memory and concentration. I have since taken both along and when combined it equals much more than the sum of both parts! I have been a user of both of suppliments and have nearly super-human memory now, I find myself recalling completely useless things, such as methylchloroisothiazolinone, its one of the ingredients of my new shampoo bottle. Haha, yes it's extremely useless but it feels good to know it!

Onto the science of it all!

Ginkgo Biloba

As I have found Ginkgo Biloba works indirectly by increasing bloodflow to the brain, heart and extremities. This increased bloodflow to the brain drastically increases cognitive function especially related to memory. On top of this, Ginkgo also has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that will keep your brain going strong past the normal age.


Piracetam's method of action isn't as well known but piracetam does have major effects on the efficiency of brain glucose use, acetycholine receptors(responsible for memory and awareness), and gaba receptors. In studies it has been shown to increase the communication between both left and right hemispheres of the brain which is commonly associated with epiphanies and optimal creative though. It is a wonder drug.


How I Quit Smoking

Having recently quit smoking cigarettes with a somewhat unique method and I thought that I would share it with all you guys and hopefully help someone out there who is struggling with the same problems that I was.

If you are anything like me, cigarettes are just as much of a psychological addiction as a physical one. You probably started by smoking with friends or while drinking and eventually started buying your own packs and someone down the line you have found yourself driving to the gas station before work every day and realizing that YOU are ADDICTED! You are officially among the statistics of those bound to die a long painful death from lung cancer unless you do something about it, it kind of sucks, doesn't it :(?

Well you aren't hopeless! I certainly wouldn't consider myself someone with a lot of willpower, but I did it. I'm not going to lie and say that it will be easy, but than again I DID QUIT!

My first step was a promise to myself to quit being addicted to cigarettes, simple as that! Now the second step was a bit more challenging and was how i broke my psychological addiction to smoking. The hardest part was quitting smoking "after cigarettes" you old school smokers know what i'm talking about... After meals, after work, after sex, after waking up, after a beer. Cigarettes become in your mind the perfect complement to anything and adds a sense of completion. My method involved using Snus(Swedish steamed tobacco in a pouch put under the bottom lip, healthier than dip and cigarettes and with less nicotine) whenever i craved a cigarette. After a few weeks the constant thought of smoking cigarettes during "after times" went away for the most part. Snus helped the initial temptations by a great degree and was able to get over my psychological addiction without snapping, IT WORKED! I decided it was time to ween myself off snus, at first i was very irritable, very hungry and felt flu-like symptoms but within a week i wasn't craving it anymore! It was a miracle, i am addiction free!

Let me go over my steps again

Make a promise not to be addicted and believe yourself!
Break psychological addiction by converting to snus until you feel confindent to quit that, but not so long that you get psychological addicted to snus
Ween yourself off the snus!
Enjoy your newfound freedom!

Best of luck to all of you! I have faith in you all, you can dooo et!

Get Healthy with Chromium

Chromium in our Diets

In the modern age our diets have taken a trend of favoring diets high in refined carbohydrates such as sugars and white bread which are very low in chromium and actually cause chromium to be excreted through urine, as a result our bodies are receiving less and less of the healthy chromium levels needed to maintain body functioning. This depletion of Chromium can lead to a large variety of ailments and serious issues within the human body, such as increasing risk of diabetes, inefficient use of carbohydrates and fats, and depression. These ailments are for the most part reversible and can be significantly helped by supplementation of healthy chromium picolinate, or by increasing foods that contain high amounts of healthy chromium. The typical healthy chromium intake for an adult is around 50micrograms per day, however up to 500micrograms may be taken per day without any documented negative effects and some very overwhelming positive benefits.

Ailments Caused by Chromium Deficiencies

Without healthy amounts of Chromium, our bodies are incapable of efficiently converting carbohydrates and fats into energy. In fact, around 25% of people have insulin related issues, many of these stemming from chromium deficiencies which lead to imbalanced blood sugar, the number one contributing factor in a very large variety of mental disorders such as Clinical Depression, Schizophrenia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Dementia. These issues for the most part can be easily prevented by supplementation of Chromium either through our diet or through supplementation.

Benefits of Chromium Supplementation

Increased DHEA - DHEA is a natural and very abundant human steroid that leads to increased muscle mass and is often referred to as the "fountain of youth" as it is the most potent anti-aging hormone yet to be found in the human body.

Reduced Risk of Diabetes - Diabetes is a disorder related on the functioning of insulin response systems and blood sugar control.
Reduced Risk of Alzheimer's - The statistics show that with consistant chromium picolinate intake the risk of Alzheimer's disease is drastically reduced.
Reduced Risk of Depression - Chromium affects the mood of the patient by stabilizing blood sugar and regulating the serotonin HT2 receptors, leading to a more healthy outlook on life.
Reduced Risk of Dementia - Healthy levels of chromium have been shown to drastically increase cognitive function in individuals with dementia.
Reduced Hunger and Cravings - By controlling blood sugar, chromium exerts a potent effect on controlling blood sugar related cravings.
Important to Heart Functioning - On a study with over 650 volunteers, those who supplemented with chromium had a 35% reduction in heart attack rates.
Controls Fat and Cholesterol Levels in the Blood - Reduces the risk of heart disease and related issues.
Protects DNA, the blueprint of life - DNA has been shown to mutate less and have be less vulnerable to damage in people who have higher level of chromium in their bodies

Sources of Chromium

The Internet is a powerful resource in finding cheap chromium supplements, however if you feel that you could get healthy amounts of chromium through dietary supplementation here is a list of foods that could suit you.

Wheat Germ
Whole Grain Breads
Rye Bread

5-HTP As Effective As Paxil At Treating Depression?

Conquering Depression With 5-htp!

I'm sure many of you have heard of the neurotransmitter serotonin. This neurotransmitter regulates a variety of biological processes, such as mood, sleep and appetite. However, I'm not sure if you know how to drastically increase this neurotransmitter without an unhealthy prescription anti-depressant such as paxil which often do more harm in the long run than help! Who would to be obese, impotent AND depressed? Not me..

"So, how can I do this!?"

It is called 5-htp (5-hydroxytryptophan), this supplement is a direct precursor to serotonin and can help alleviate depression better than paxil and many other anti-depressants, with a much lower rate of side effects! You can also get it from your local health store instead of paying big bucks for a prescription. I'm sure you are thinking "darn, well this sounds pretty good but how can I be sure, Phrenism?" Well, pupil, I have several studies for you!

The first study, one of the earlier clinically significant studies was done by costa and greengard in the medical journal "advances in biochemical psychopharmacology." This study took place with over 20 volunteers with bipolar and unipolar depression. In this study 5-htp was taken 3 times per day in increments of 100mg each for an extended period of time. Overall, the depressed patients showed over a 50% reduction in depression symptoms! That's quite an improvement if you ask me!

My favorite 5-htp related study was conducted in 1988 by by wakelin and gaspar, this study involved one group of individuals taking prozac (an SSRI similar to Paxil with the same method of action). The other group took 300mg of 5-htp daily and that results were astounding, the 5-htp group did better than the prescription group (60.7% decrease in symptoms vs 56.1%) and the kicker is that the prozac group was plagued with horrible typical SSRI anti-depressant side effects, such as weight gain and impotence. The 5-htp group's side effects were much less mild, typically mild nausea after ingestion, this study has been replicated multiple times!

Along with 5-htp's drastic depression alleviating effects, it also boasts some other amazing effects; such as appetite regulation, unlike anti-depressants which can cause major weight gain! 5-htp also reduces anxiety and mood disturbances in healthy people, not just in those diagnosed with clinical depression. 5-htp also has been proven to reduce insomnia and chronic headaches and migraines in many patients, 5-htp is a wonder drug!

However, as everything has it's downside 5-htp is not the exception. It does interact poorly with anti-depressants and can cause serotonin syndrome when combined with SSRI's and MAO's such as Paxil, Prozac, Saint John's wort, and harmaline. As long as you watch what you take while you are on 5-htp I believe you will have a nice journey :)

Remember, depression is conquerable!